Selena Gomez Boob Job Reports: DEBUNKED By Intense Photo Analysis!

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Selena Gomez fans, rejoice (or cry), because the boob job mystery has been solved. Analysis has confirmed the following about last week's much discussed photos:

They're real, and they're spectacular!

Selena Gomez boob job rumors ran WILD after the star was spotted on the streets of New York City looking perky, braless, busty, sweaty and free.

If you're a guy, it was not a bad view.

If you're a guy or a girl who's familiar with Selena Gomez at all, it was also a dramatic departure from the demure and modest Selena we're used to.

Coupled with rumors that she would make the girls bigger for Justin Bieber, it was enough to send the plastic surgery speculation into overdrive.

Not so fast, though.

Sources close to Selena swear the assets depicted in the infamous photo are the original, god-given issue, and have not been enhanced in any way.

Moreover, most celebrity gossip sites only ran this one image. An inspection of the entire set of photos shows that Selena's beautiful, braless chest was just bouncing.

This particular frame happened to catch the Gomez girls on an upstroke if you will, and because of the lack of bra and the nature of that top ... wow.

Real, though. Very, very real and wonderful.

The long and short of this story?

Paparazzi photos can be deceiving, and something that would be an eye-catching story in theory quickly becomes fact by the impressionable public.

Just because she's showing off her body more regularly now (also see Selena Gomez nip slip from last week!) does not mean surgery occurred.

From bra and clothing selections (or lack thereof) to photo angles and other factors, anyone's chest can look dramatically different on a daily basis.

Boob job? Selena Gomez? Forget about it.

Interestingly, many readers disagreed, as evidenced by our survey. Were you one of them? Do you care as long as photos like this keep coming?

Share your votes and comments!

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