Rob Kardashian Slammed for "Pimping Out" Kylie Jenner on Twitter

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What's more disturbing than Kylie Jenner posting cleavage selfies on Instagram?

Big brother Rob Kardashian sending around cleavage selfies of his 16-year old sibling on Twitter, that's what.

The estranged Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has been relatively quiet on social media since deleting all his accounts and starting over in May - but he Tweeted the following revealing photo of Kylie this week along with a one-word caption:


Rob Kardashian Pimps Out Sister

As you might expect, followers came down hard on Rob for passing around his teenager sister's skin-baring image, while telling "MEN" to ogle it.

Twitter user @BigDrewTheGreat wrote that Rob is “a fat pervert” while @Les_P719 wrote, “um, so your pimpin your sister out.”

We don't typically agree with folks who name themselves "BigDrewTheGreat." But this was an odd move on Rob's part.

The comments also went after the Kardashian family as a whole, with users accusing these folks of often acting inappropriately. Isn't that right, @khadijabm?

"Yup. And She’s 16. Pimping her out early? That’s the Kardashian family I guess," wrote this account.

Rob Kardashian - who is barely even in touch with most of his relatives these days - does like to joke around online.

He referenced a son on July 4, only to then take the Tweet back and laugh over how he fooled some followers.

But it's unclear what the star would find funny about his much younger sister posing so provocatively. Perhaps both Rob and Kylie should both take a social media break forever for awhile.

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