Mimi Faust Sex Tape: Love & Hop Hop Atlanta Fans UNLOAD on Stars, Bogus Story

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Mimi Faust‘s infamous Scandal In Atlanta sex tape with co-star Nikko Smith made for quite the episode of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta on Monday night.

News of the tape, hilariously taglined "Stars of VH1's Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Off-Script" (they're supposed to be unscripted all the time, no?) hit this week.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars reacted with shock, awe and indignation.

Of course, we've known about the Mimi Faust sex tape for some time, and that it was very deliberately made, sold and distributed in conjunction with Vivid.

No wonder fans were Tweeting up a storm about the release of the tape and the story she was trying to spin about it being leaked on VH1 last night.

Some choice tweets about Mimi, Nikko and their shower rod shenanigans:

  • @I_HATE_VA: I will never feel bad for MiMi bc that "sextape" was professionally shot idc what that ho say #LHHATL
  • @Miss_Yelllaaa: Mimi is a liar! She knew exactly what she was doing! Nikko wasn't alone getting the tape out there!
  • @fanciest: I said that. Nikko + Mimi ain't making fools of nobody but themselves, thinking ppl THAT STUPID to buy that dumb of a story.
  • @MrsSheltonToYou: Mimi and Nikko both are some damn liars. they're made for each other.
  • @thatnappychic: Nikko is so shallow! How is it tht Mimi doesn't see the scales on this snake? #WeDo #Sad #GetSomeDignityAndSelfRespect #LHHATL
  • @sMiL3_E_fAc3: Nikko leek that on purpose and Mimi so dump that's she can't see that #lhhatl

Perhaps the most notable response came from Mimi’s co-star Erica Dixon.

She passionately told Faust, not hiding obvious disgust with her friend:

“I don’t care how much money you get for this. You got a child and it’s because I got Imani. This hurts my heart. There’s a little girl that’s gotta deal with this. A little girl."

That would be her four-year-old daughter Eva, who like the offspring of many celebrities who are also porn stars, will have to hear about this one day.

Nice work Mimi.

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