Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 11 Recap: Waka Gets Married! Benzino Gets Engaged!

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On last week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, viewers were treated to a trailer for the Mimi Faust sex tape. And what a watershed moment that was.

This week, relationship drama was off the chain as Ashley kept meddling with Kalenna and Tony’s marriage. Basically, she wants Kalenna for herself.

Waka Flocka Flame, Tammy Rivera

Elsewhere, Tammy finally launches her fashion line and has a touching moment with fiance Waka Flocka Flame after the show. They decide to tie the knot!

They really went through with it too. Neither one of their moms is happy with their decision not to have a fancy wedding, but the couple made the right call.

In the land of Kalenna and Tony, things weren't as glorious as he calls Kalenna out on Ashley. Later, she agrees that Ashley has to go home, ending this.

Meanwhile, Scrappy meets up with Erica Pinkett and tries to work his magic, downplaying the booty call texts he sent and trying to friendzone her hard.

How did that go? Security guards had to separate them. Enough said.

Scrap's mom later meets up with Erica to apologize for this and assure her it will never happen again. Gotta love having your mom handle your business.

As for Stevie J, he has been in the doghouse for days now because Joseline is fairly positive that her man hooked up with Benzino’s new chick Althea.

Mimi claims it happened, and since Stevie is as talented at racking up side pieces as he is at not paying child support, this would not be at all surprising.

Since Benzino got shot by a relative while in the funeral procession for his mother, he claims to be a changed man ... despite all this drama with Thea.

He can't risk not having Althea by his side and so he takes her for a carnival ride and proposes. Of course she says yes. This is a match made in heaven.

Or at least in hip hop, Atlanta style. For another couple of weeks.

Later on, Joseline tells Karlie that Stevie keeps lying and that she needs to start seeing other people. At least until she comes crawling back to that dog.

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