Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: Forgiveness and Fornication

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On last week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Joseline’s suspicions over Stevie’s fidelity reached a fever pitch.

Would she find out the truth on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 10? (Yes.) How would she react? (Surprisingly well.)

And what about Mimi Faust sex tape trailer? Would its star approve?

Answers to all these questions and more await in the following rundown!

Sex Tape Viewing

First, we catch up with Benzino in the hospital after he got shot by a relative prior to his mom’s funeral in March. Althea is by his side.

When Stevie J arrives, Benzino brings up how his pal had slept with Althea - but he doesn't care about it. Why? The man had more important issues to with which to.

So he forgave Althea, simply expressing his love for her with the following quote: “The past is the past.

Profound stuff, Benzino. We should all have such perspective.

Back in Atlanta, Karlie Redd (who lives to spread every rumor out there) happily tells Joseline that she heard Mimi saw Stevie J with Althea while dating Joseline.

The latter considers the source and is a but skeptical, yet chooses to do her own due diligence. She later learns this is probably true.

After hearing Benzino knew about them, Stevie J figured he had fix things with Joseline. So he volunteered the intel that Benzino brought up the issue up in Massachusetts. However, he never said he “smashed” Althea, although he does imply some other kinky stuff may have gone on.

He attempts to deny any intercourse took place with Althea to Joseline. She doesn’t think he’s being real and tells him their marriage is now on ice... but she appears relatively calm. Except that she vows to destroy Althea the next time she sees her. GULP.


  • Nikko shows Mimi a preview of their Vivid sex tape. He's watched it five times. She isn't all that into it.
  • Shirleen suggests to Kirk that he throw an “apology” party for cheating on Rasheeda. In response, he breaks Shirlee’s expensive glasses in a very mature move.
  • Wacka Flocka Flame and Tammy Rivera show up for the first time in three weeks. Debra Antney, Wacka’s mother, decides they should go for a smaller wedding instead of a big one. Wacka simply wants to it done in city hall.
  • Scrappy makes up with Bambi. By giving her a puppy! He refuses to cease chatting with Erica, though, who he considers just a friend - but, clearly, she isn't satisfied by that decision.

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