Leonardo DiCaprio "Flipped Out" Cheering on Orlando Bloom During Bieber Fight, Source Says

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By now, the Orlando Bloom-Justin Bieber fight is the stuff of Internet legend, with varying accounts of what happened spreading across the web like wildfire.

Some say Bieber started it by taunting Bloom about Miranda Kerr. Others say Bloom started it by refusing to shake Bieber's hand.

One thing that everyone seems able to agree on, however, is that Leonardo DiCaprio was on hand. And, as usual, he was awesome.

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Spanish ex-journalist Anastasia Skolkova was the first to post a video of the fight online and her account of how it all went down pretty much confirms that DiCaprio is still the coolest man in Hollywood even if he has packed on some serious pounds recently.

Oh, and of course, Lindsay Lohan was there too:

"When Orlando punched Bieber, everyone started clapping," says Skolkova. "It was amazing. Lindsay was laughing. The whole table [Bloom] and DiCaprio were at started clapping."

She added that Leo began "flipping out" with apparent pride over the fact that his boy threw a punch at Biebs.

The DiCaprio snubbed Bieber in brutal fashion the last time they crossed paths, so while the cause of their beef remains unknown, there's little doubt that Leo is no fan of the Biebs.

Fortunately, when it comes to hating on Justin, DiCaprio has plenty of company:

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