Kylie Jenner Rides Motorcycle, Terrifies Instagram

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Kylie Jenner hasn't even had her driver's license for a year and she's already caused at least one very expensive accident.

Kylie crashed a $125,000 Mercedes last August in a three-car collision. Fortunately, no one has hurt , and the youngest Jenner was able to go right on driving recklessly, which is why we can all enjoy Kylie's driving selfies to this day.

With the level of responsibility she's shown behind the wheel, it's no wonder that someone thought it would be a good idea have Kylie operate a freaking motorcycle!

Kylie Jenner Motorcycle Photo

Yes, that's Kylie doing her Easy Rider thing with some friends. We don't know who took the photo, but we can assume it's someone else who's riding a bike, meaning that Kylie's friends are just as moronic about road safety as she is.

On the plus side, at least Kylie's wearing a helmet and the bike appears to be a three-wheeler.

On the downside, a tank top and jeans isn't ideal gear for a beginning biker, and Kylie and her foolish friends cruising around LA in a pack is the most terrifying thing to hit Southern California since OJ, or the last major earthquake.

No word on whether or not Kylie has a motorcycle license, but does it really matter? She has a license to drive a car, but she's still awful at that! If you live in a nicer part of Los Angeles, you may want to stay off the streets today, folks. Just sayin'.

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