Kylie Jenner: Cleavage, Inflatable Swan Featured in Latest Selfies

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If Kylie Jenner's selfie tips taught us anything, it's that the reality star knows how to get the attention of her Instagram followers.

Kylie demonstrated this valuable skill once again over the weekend, posting a pair of selfies that show off enough cleavage to score hundreds of thousands of likes, but not so much that she'll be criticized for yet again posting inappropriately revealing pics.

Kylie Jenner Cleavage on Instagram
Kylie Jenner Cleavage Selfie

Kylie hung out poolside with her BFF Jordyn Woods over the weekend, and the besties celebrated "swan selfie sunday" by posting the photos above.

Obviously, they're not as revealing as previous Kylie bikini photos and SSS may not catch on like throwback Thursday, but Kylie's proven her media savvy once again by turning a lazy weekend hang session into Instagram gold.

Of course, as usual, Kylie wasn't able to generate as much buzz as her older half-sister.

The Kim Kardashian nose ring selfie was the top Kardashian-Jenner post of the weekend, but Kylie has many years of self-involvement ahead of her.

Maybe one day, she'll top Kim in terms of both vanity and online popularity. It certainly won't be easy, but she's off to a pretty solid start for someone who can't even vote yet.

Watch your back, Kim! Oh, and watch your kids, Kris Jenner. They're growing up way too fast.

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