Kim Kardashian Throwback Pic: Photoshopped to Make #SkinnyDays Even Skinnier?!

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Not only does Kim Kardashian long for the #SkinnyDays, she's reinventing those days of yore, a bygone era when she was oh so thin, many eons ago.

Photoshop style.

Yes ... as if image-obsessed Kim yearning for the skinny days of old weren't setting a poor enough example, now she may have retroactively made 2010 Kim thinner ...

Kim Kardashian Photoshopped Pics

If you missed it, Kim recently shared a shot of herself rocking a white Balmain skirt and a tight ponytail from an event in Los Angeles a few years back.

Apparently wishing that she looked like that right now, the reality star captioned the sexy pic, “Throwback to a few years ago #SkinnyDays #OnTheTreadmillRightNOW.”

Upon kloser examination, several major differences between the way this Kardashian picture looked Tuesday and four years ago have become apparent:

  • The missing zipper on the back of Kim's dress
  • Kim's noticeably thinner arm and curvier arse
  • Her obviously cinched waist/hourglass figure
  • The apparent blurring of her hair edge

In her defense, she might have grabbed one of 10 trillion Kim Kardashian photos on the Internet, unaware that it had been doctored significantly.

That very fact may have sparked her #SkinnyDays message in the first place - she couldn't believe how thin she used to be ... because she wasn't!

At the same time, it's hard to give the benefit of the doubt to a celebrity who opens up about "struggles" with her body, but not in a constructive way.

Kristen Bell just refuses to play the baby weight loss game. John Legend and Colbie Caillait make videos celebrating natural, unretouched beauty.

A campaign of #StopCensoringMotherhood photos and the Fourth Trimester Bodies Project aim to alter the very perception of female body image.

Kim? She just wishes she was thinner, like before she gave birth to the daughter who will look up to her, and says pregnant women shouldn't leave the house.

Kidding or not, she's not exactly raising the bar here.

Not to mention ... since when is Kim Kardashian not embracing her kurves? Why pine for the skinny days when you can just post more shots like these?!

Seriously Kim. Enlighten us or get it together.

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