Kill Kendall Jones Page: NOT Taken Down By Facebook!

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Facebook has allowed the "Kill Kendall Jones" community page to stay up, ruling upon review that it does not violate the social network's community standards.

This despite the fact that several of the now-infamous Kendall Jones hunting photos were taken down for violating the company's policies regarding animal abuse.

Kendall Jones Image

The 19-year-old cheerleader from Texas, an avid hunter, sparked plenty of outrage and admiration by posing with her trophy kills (see gallery below) last week.

Facebook nixed a series of photos that showed her posing with a variety of animals, including a leopard and a lion, that she had shot on safari in Zimbabwe.

The pictures were said to break a rule about “graphic images shared for sadistic effect or to celebrate or glorify violence,” as outlined by the company.

Many Facebook users want to Kill Kendall Jones, however, and her father is livid that such content is allowed to stay up while her pictures are not.

Cody Jones says he contacted Facebook, demanding they take down the "Kill Kendall Jones" page and its many posts and pics urging his daughter's murder.

He says Facebook shut him down, reviewing the page and determining that it didn't violate standards, despite it being a takeoff of Kendall's own postings.

In fact, some of the exact photos she shared are still up in doctored form.

The Kill Kendall page turns the tables on Jones, with the animals standing over a dead hunter (usually her). Somewhere, Joanna Krupa is smiling at this.

Facebook says, "We remove content and may escalate to law enforcement when we perceive a genuine risk of physical harm, or a direct threat to public safety."

Apparently, they feel a page called Kill Kendall Jones doesn't qualify.

What do you think of Kendall Jones?

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