Kendra Wilkinson Will "Never Get Over" Hank Baskett Affair, Source Says of "Sobbing" Star

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Forgive the obvious pun, but Kendra Wilkinson is a Baskett case these days.

With the Internet abuzz over Hank Baskett cheating on his wife with a transgender model named Ava London, sources confirm that Kendra is simply a mess.

She tossed her wedding ring in the toilet when news of the affair first broke - and she hasn't been able to move on at all in the past few weeks.

"She’s not eating, not showering, not sleeping and she’s sobbing all the time," an insider confirms. "They are 100 percent done. She will never get over this."

Nor should she, based on the way London has described her relationship with Baskett.

The model says Hank contacted her online after watching a YouTube video and that the two met up in April, when Wilkinson was eight months pregnant.

They met up at London's home and... well... we'll let Ava take it from here.

"I started giving him a hand job and he was playing with my penis," she told The National Enquirer. "He put my penis close to his face and that’s when he came really quickly. Hank and I gave each other hand jobs and he played with my breasts."

So there you allegedly have it.

London also claims Baskett offered her $2,000 to keep her mouth shut about their naked rendezvous.

Neither Baskett nor Wilkinson has spoken publicly about the former's infidelity, but Kendra has been spotted without her wedding ring.

It doesn't seem to be a question of whether these two will split, but when.

"At this point, she feels like she doesn’t even know who she was married to all this time,” a source tells Us Weekly. ”She’s just so embarrassed.

Should Kendra Wilkinson forgive Hank Baskett?

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