Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: Fighting All the Time! In Front of the Kids!!

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Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett are reportedly getting into nuclear fights around the clock over his alleged cheating with transsexual model Ava London.

The couple's young children, sadly, are forced to be innocent bystanders.

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In the wake of Hank's reportedly transgressions - which landed him in the doghouse and her wedding ring in the toilet - they've been fighting constantly.

Even in front of their young son and newborn daughter.

Reports say that every time Kendra and Hank see each other, they almost always get into a heated argument, whether their little kids are around or not.

“The visits end with Hank breaking down in tears in front of little Hank and claiming to Kendra that he didn’t cheat,” a source revealed to Us Weekly.

Wilkinson, who is shocked over the reports, isn't buying it. In fact, people close to her say Kendra will never get over what Hank did (or supposedly did).

“When he denies it," the family insider claims, that doesn't help. Instead, "Kendra gets furious and kicks him out again. Little Hank is seeing everything.”

In June, Hank (who has yet to confirm or deny that he has cheated on Kendra) opened up about his marriage to her while speaking to the magazine.

During the interview, which took place before the scandal broke, Hank revealed that he and Kendra were working to provide their two kids with a better life.

“We know what our goal is, and that’s to give our kids a better life than we had," said the former NFL pro to the celeb gossip mag. "We’re a family.”

At least she's always welcome at the Playboy mansion.

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