Kendall Jenner Mocks Kim Kardashian on Instagram: I Have The Shortest Big Sister!

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Kendall Jenner rocked the runway at Paris Fashion week recently, but while the 18-year-old model may have been busy working the catwalk, she also found time to diss her diminutive big sister.

Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian

Kendall posted the above photo of herself and Kim Kardashian with a caption reading, "She looks up to ME."

Ha! Burn! Seriously, we always knew Kim was short, but seeing Kendall tower over her like that really calls attention to Kim's elfin frame.

Fortunately, Kim's other, um...assets more than make up for her lack of height. It's too bad she didn't fire back with, "I may be short, but I have huge Kardashian boobs!" That would show her.

Seriously, though, it must bother fashion-obsessed Kim that she never had the height to make it as a model. Maybe that's why she chose to get famous by lying down!

But if Kendall Jenner's Instagram is any indication, KJ is not only taller than her older half-sis, she's also just as willing to strip down for the Internet.

Kim is no doubt starting to feel a threat to her Napoleonic empire. Good thing she married an equally stumpy, egotistical dude who can relate to her struggle. 

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