Kendall Jenner Lingerie Photo Steams Up Instagram!

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Kendall Jenner and Instagram go together like peanut butter and jelly, and ever since her modeling career began taking off, Kendall's photo-sharing habits have gotten better than ever.

Case in point:

Kendall Jenner Lingerie Photo

Yeah, it might not be as good as when Kendall mocked Kim Kardashian on Instagram, but it's still solid stuff.

Kendall's pose might be a bit strange (Why is she flexing and fondling her own stomach like that?), but there's no arguing with that body.

Judging by her toned figure, it seems Kendall's been staying in shape the right way - hitting the gym rather than starving herself. She may have gotten her first break as a result of her last name, but nowadays, Kendall is clearly putting in the work necessary to make it in modeling.

Kendall captioned the pic simply, "me," indicating that she's got the Kardashian raging ego swag necessary to hit it big in the intensely competitive career field she's chosen.

While she's still only 18, KJ is certainly on her way. Recently, Kendall rocked the runway at Paris Fashion Week, rocking Givenchy Couture and looking like such a seasoned pro, prompting even haters to giver her due credit.

Of course, as she's shown us time and again, Instagram is where Kendall and her sister Kylie will always truly reign supreme:

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