Jessica Hall on Kendra Wilkinson-Hank Baskett Scandal: The Truth Will Come Out!

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Jessica Hall, Kendra Wilkinson’s best friend on and off screen and the godmother of Kendra's daughter Alijah, is closer to the star than anyone else.

It's no surprise that the Playboy model, who has been filming Wilkinson’s We TV reality show, Kendra on Top, has the inside track on her recent scandal.

This season will be very serious after Wilkinson’s husband Hank Baskett cheated on Kendra (allegedly, probably) with transsexual escort Ava London.

Hall tells FOX that the truth will come out - and it's their truth alone.

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Go Kendra

"You definitely will see everything that’s going on, and it’s their platform to tell the world what it is, what is going on. It’s only their story to tell period," she says.

So does that mean she thinks the Ava London story is somehow untrue?

"The tabloids are not always correct. The part that kind of stinks sometimes is that these 'sources' are saying different things," Jessica says.

"Half the time it isn’t true. I just don’t get all these crazy allegations."

She worries how it will impact Hank and Kendra's brood, however, "it's not so bad when you have good parenting, and that’s what Kendra and Hank do."

"They’re both such good parents to their kids. The kids will be okay."

Given Hall's connection to the family, this has been hard for her too.

"Being baby Alijah’s godmother of course I’m going to be protective of her but she’s going to have such a good stable home, it’s not going to affect her."

"When people try to make allegations, and say this happened or this happened…I think it happens with a lot of celebrities. It’s wrong," she goes on.

"I don’t know. It’s not fair when people out of nowhere want 15 minutes of fame, and say this and this happened; her word against his, his word against hers."

"It’s just not fair," Jessica laments of what Kendra's enduring, allegedly throwing her wedding ring in the toilet and such as a result of the drama.

Regardless of whether Hank did what he's accused of - engaging in mutual masturbation with a woman with a penis - is scrutiny what they signed up for?

Hall acknowledges, "They allow cameras into their home, into their lives and this is what makes them so interesting and why they have success in reality TV."

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