Girl's To-Do List Reveals Epic Takedown Plot: Older Brother Beware!

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Beware, Ethan. You might not want to read "Ethan's Gone List."

One Reddit user's eight-year-old daughter is apparently plotting against him. Or at least thinking ahead, in case anything should happen to him someday.

The list below is "my daughter's list in case anything happens to her older brother," the mom writes, and it shows that the little girl is gonna get down to business.

Again ... better watch your back, E!

Girl's To-Do List

Is there something we should know?

While action items like "take his money" would be human nature if something tragic happened to occur, "rip Minecraft poster" is a little vindictive, no?

Ditto "hammer everything he loves," but mom says it was all in jest and that Ethan and his sister had a good laugh about this after he read it. Let's hope so!

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