Georgina Haig as Elsa on Once Upon a Time: First Look!

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When word spread that Georgina Haig was cast as Elsa on Once Upon a Time, millions of obsessive Frozen fans wondered if the Fringe actress would be up to the task of embodying Disney's icy queen with the golden pipes.

Well, it looks like it's time to let it go, everyone. Elsa is clearly in good hands:

Georgina Haig as Elsa

That's Georgina as Elsa and while she may not be a natural Elsa lookalike like Anna Faith Carlson, it's amazing what the right hair and costuming can accomplish.

The series teased last season that Elsa would be prominently featured in Once Upon a Time season four. It's been hinted that Elsa will be Storybrooke's main villain, but little has been confirmed about what sort of role Haig will actually play.

All we know so far is that - as in the movie - Elsa will be aware of her awesome power, and that her sister will play an important role in helping her control her frosty impulses.

Little sis Anna will be portrayed by Elizabeth Lail, and Scott Michael Foster will play her love interest Kristoff.

If you simply can't wait until this fall's season premiere, you can always watch Once Upon a Time online at TV Fanatic, or simply check out the sizzling photos of our favorite Elsa doppelganger, Anna Faith, in the gallery below:

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