Florida Middle School Teacher Suspended for Twerking, Receiving Lap Dance from Student

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Move over, Florida Man.

Florida Woman has some impressively unique news to make.

WPTV reports that a middle school teacher named Courtney Spruill has been suspended for 15 days because she brought vodka to a party in April for the girls soccer team.

The coach of that team (and a History/Physical Education teacher), Spruill reportedly pulled a Miley Cyrus at the shindig, Twerking up a storm and giving out some Twerking lessons.

She also received a lap dance from a student.

Spruill also drove a student home from the party, with witnesses saying the adult appeared to be drunk at the time.

District investigators said Spruill displayed “gross exercise of poor judgement," while anyone reading this story said: D'UH!

Spruill - who had previously been reprimanded on three separate occasions for being late to work - has been suspended without pay for 15 days starting July 1.

In her defense (we guess), at least she didn't sleep with any students.

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