Farrah Abraham Posts Photo of Dead Grandfather on Twitter For Some Reason

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We know you've heard this several (dozen?) times already, but Farrah Abraham may have actually found a new way to hit rock bottom. 

Yes, we said before, when Farrah talked about her daughter's future in porn.

And again when she got excited about her daughter getting plastic surgery.

But this time, Farrah has involved a different family member in her unending quest for fame - a family member who's not even alive to defend himself. 

Farrah Abraham With Snoopy
Farrah Abraham Dead Grandfather

If you go to Farrah's Twitter page today you'll see the above photos side-by-side:

  • The one on the left is of Farrah posing with Snoopy for some reason.
  • The one on the right is Farrah's dead grandfather.

Not, mind you, a photo from when he was alive. No, Farrah shared a photo of her embalmed gramps with her millions of fans and haters.

Appropriately, it's just a few a rows away from photos of Farrah's exposed breast implants. Is she trying to tell us that she and gramps share a love for being pumped full of toxic chemicals?

Whatever, she was trying to do, she failed. We understand that the grieving process is different for everyone and some people find solace in taking a final photo of a loved one.

The problem isn't with the taking of the photo, but with Farrah's decision to share it with 948,000 of her closest friends on Twitter.

Farrah chose to be a public figure. Her grandfather - and her daughter - didn't. So yeah, every time she uses an unwiling victim as a ploy to extend her 15 minutes, we'll continue to call it a new low.

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