Farrah Abraham Announces Bad B-tch Tour Featuring "Lingerie DJ Sets"

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Farrah Abraham's business ventures don't always work out as planned.

Farrah's celebrity sex tape was immediately exposed as just a plain old porn, and can now be found on the Internet alongside the filmographies of other "celebrities" like Jenna Jameson.

Then there was Farrah's frozen yogurt chain which sounded like a wholesome, family-friendly endeavor that would in no way involve her anus. And it was! Until someone uploaded pics from Farrah's porn to the company website before the first location opened.

Farrah Abraham: Bad B-tch Tour

Farrah's learned from those failures, however, and she's ready to move on. Hopefully she's now aware that there's no difference between a sex tape and a porn, and that people will always make fun of a porn star peddling creamy treats to fill your mouth. 

Yes, Farrah is a little bit older and a whole lot wiser, and as a savvy, experienced businesswoman she's ready to offer the public something it really needs:

House music provided by a single mom in her underwear!

Yes, Farrah announced her Bad B**** Tour on Twitter today, and she really uses that many stars in place of letters when promoting it. Seems like if she's really that afraid of the word, she should just call it something else, but we digress!

Farrah provided little in the way of details, but threatened promised that the tour will be coming to a city near you and will feature "lingerie DJ sets."

Providing people with something they didn't know they needed is what real inventors do, folks. Farrah Abraham: great genius, or the greatest genius? You decide. 

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Farrah Abraham is the star of Teen Mom and the mother of Sophia Laurent Abraham. Sophia's father (Derek Underwood) was killed in a car... More »
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[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.

Jenelle [Evans] has all the potential to turn her negatives into a positive like I have.