Cheryl Burke: I'm Not Dying! I Haven't Had Plastic Surgery!

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Dancing with the Stars pro Cheryl Burke looks very different these days, sparking rumors that she is in poor health, and/or that she had plastic surgery.

Cheryl Burke of DWTS

This all started when Burke, who dropped a considerable amount of weight, posted a photo on Facebook that was bombarded with comments.

People said Cheryl looks anorexic, and worse.

Someone even asked if she's dying of AIDS.

One person dissed her by saying "Those Botox lips need there [sic] own FB page, gross" and another said to delete the pic "before it ends up on TMZ."

Which it did. Check it out after the jump:

Cheryl Burke Plastic Surgery Photo?

Burke is far from pleased with the talk.

Not only is it hurtful on its own merit, but she's especially upset at the fact that people trashing her now are same idiots who called her fat before.

As for the undeniable weight loss, she says she just 30 and decided to stop drinking and partying, in favor of living and eating more healthily.

Burke tells TMZ in response to the outcry over the photo, "I didn't have plastic surgery and I don't have an eating disorder. I'm just actually happy."

Good for her. What you see, therefore, is the result of hard work ... not a heinous plastic surgery fail like so many others we could show you below:

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