Catelynn Lowell to Farrah Abraham: You're Gross, I Bet Your Parents Are Proud!

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And the Teen Mom wars continue!

The feud between Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham kicked off last year when Catelynn critiqued Farrah's porn performance, hilariously claiming that Abraham sounded like a "dying horse" on camera. 

Farrah A.
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Pic

Since then, shots have been fired every few months, and things heated up recently when Farrah threw shade at Catelynn and her husband for having another kid, leading Catelynn to attack Farrah for being a porn star (again).

Generally, Farrah is the one who can't seem to shut up about Catelynn, but the roles were reversed on Twitter this week when Lowell offered her opinion on Farrah's new gig as a sex toy pitchwoman

Surprise! She doesn't think it's cool:

Catelynn retweeted a photo that Farrah had posted featuring a shelf of toys molded to resemble Farrah's vadge and b-hole.

"This is gross," Catelynn tweeted along with the pic. "Bet her parents r proud."

Not sure, but we think she's being sarcastic on that last part.

While it's always a pleasure to see someone call out Farrah for being the opportunistic prostitute that she is (No, really, Farrah Abraham might be a prostitute), the best part of all this is that Farrah is almost certain to fire back.

What sort of nonsensical insanity will come out of her mouth this time?!

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