Bill Clinton Has Young, Blonde Mistress Named "Energizer," New Book Claims

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By now, it's all but guaranteed that Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016. She's a virtual lock to receive the Democratic nomination and she's the current front-runner to succeed Barack Obama in the highest office in the land.

If the details revealed in a new tell-all book turn out to be true, however, Hillary's most important political ally could turn out be her biggest liability.

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The book is titled The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents, and according to those who have received advance copies, author Ronald Kessler hits the Clintons the hardest.

Kessler reportedly makes some shocking claims about Bill's still very active sex life - specifically with regard to the 42nd president's frequent liaisons with a busty blonde mistress nicknamed "Energizer."

The book claims that Energizer makes "regular" visits to the Clintons' home in Chappaqua, NY whenever Hillary is away. 

According to the agents Kessler spoke with for the book, the mistress is chauffeured to the house in an SUV with tinted windows, and agents are given very specific instructions on how to interact with her.

"You don't stop her, you don't approach her, you just let her go in," said one anonymous agent.

But while they may not speak with her, the Secret Service men are very aware of Energizer's presence:

"It was a warm day, and she was wearing a low-cut tank top," recalls one agent. "They appeared to be very perky and very new and full. There was no doubt in my mind they were enhanced."

Good to know!

Between stuff like this and stuff like Hillary drunkenly blasting Obama at parties, the former first lady may want to hold off on picking out her Oval Office desk set.

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