Ariana Grande: "Break Free" Lyric Video is Full of Star Wars-Inspired Awesomeness!

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Ariana Grande dressed as a sexy space vixen on Twitter to tease the release of her new single "Break Free" last week.

Now the rising pop star is keeping the galactic theme going with a Star Wars-themed lyric video for her forthcoming hit. 

Ariana recently debuted the newest track from her upcoming album, My Everything, and the spacey lyric video she posted to YouTube is sure to appeal to fans who are already counting down the days until the Episode VII release date.

The clip kicks off with the iconic quote, "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away." The lyrics then zoom through space in a font and angle that's sure to be familiar to George Lucas devotees.

Sadly, while Ariana dropped F-bombs aplenty during a recent MTV appearance, her new song is entirely profanity-free.

Ariana's Iggy Azalea collaboration, "Problem," is still burning up the charts and recent Instagram photos of Grande kissing Jai Brooks seem to indicate that her relationship is doing pretty well at the moment, as well.

So we think it's safe to say that Ariana is pretty much killin' it in every aspect of her life these days.

We don't imagine she'll be missing her Nickelodeon sitcom days any time soon. 

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