8-Year Finds Dollar Bill on Ground, Leaves Adorable Note for Owner

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There may be hope for the future of our nation yet, people.

Some parents out there are clearly raising their children well, as evidenced by this girl who wrote a bracelet-based apology to her neighbor after hurling rocks at the lady's door.

And then there's the following eight-year old, who found a one-dollar bill under the tire of a parked car... only she didn't pick it up.

In fact, she (or one of her parents, more likely, based on the handwriting) even alerted the owner of this bill to its whereabouts and recommended that he or she snatch it up for "good luck."

Totes. Adorbs.

Dollar Bill Note

But... WAIT!

There are many more examples of kids writing notes that are guaranteed to leave you smiling. To wit: