7 Stars Who Slept Their Way to the Top: Which Celebs Swapped Sex For Fame?

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In case you haven't heard Lana Del Rey tried to sleep her way to the top and failed.

No, really. That's what Lana said in a recent interview with Complex magazine. She banged dudes in the music industry in hopes of landing a record deal.

When that didn't work, she was shamefully forced to resort to talent and hard work to boost her career. It's the saddest of tales.

But where Lana failed, many others have succeeded.

In fact, for every obvious example of a starlet who sexed her way to the A-list (looking at you Kim Kardashian), there are probably a dozen less apparent cases of aspiring actresses, models, and pop stars who got to the top by getting on top. 

Kim, of course, is a pioneer, because with the Ray J sex tape, she proved that given the right PR person (ideally your soulless momager), you can bang someone who isn't even particularly famous or powerful and still use your sexcapades to get rich.

In fact, Kim almost single-handedly launched the idea of sex tape as savvy career move, and her bedroom antics became such a hot topic that her whole family went on to achieve mega-fame despite the fact that the androgynous White Walker known as Bruce Jenner is the only one among them to ever demonstrate any talent. 

In fact, Kim's sisters are so famous, they've completely flipped the script and men are now sleeping with them to become famous!

So which male Kardashian-banger made our list of the seven most shameless famewhores? Jump into the gallery above to find out! Just be sure to wash your hands afterward.

Some of these folks really get around.

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