4-Year Old Booted from Atlanta Restaurant for Violating "Gentlemen's Dress Code"

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Can't a kid just celebrate the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and eat his fries in peace?

Apparently not. Not The Tavern at Phipps in Atlanta.

Local news reports confirm that a four-year old named Lewis Roberts was recently kicked out of this establishment because he violated its “Gentlemen's Dress Code” by wearing the following shirt without sleeves.

Dress Code Breaker!

According to 11Alive, the family asked to speak to the manager in order to explain that their son is, you know, four years old.

But the manager upheld the hostess' demand, forcing Lewis and his parents to make their way off the premises.

But... WAIT! This story gets even more ridiculous.

It would be one (absurd) thing to kick a toddler out for donning a shirt, but here's an example of attire that is apparently acceptable under this restaurant's dress code.

Party with Us!

Altogether now: FOREHEAD SLAP.

A spokesperson for The Tavern at Phipps later issued a statement of regret over the incident:

"It was an embarrassing misunderstanding on our part. She's a manager in training who had a gross misunderstanding of our policy. We apologize and are reaching out to the family."

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