The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 7 Recap: Confident or Cocky?

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Another week, another set of dates for Andi Dorfman and her bachelors. This week will take them to Brussels where they'll spend some time in the ruins of a castle.

Will the date signal ruin for one man's relationship with Andi? The Bachelorette spoilers might help you out with that answer, but feel free to keep reading if that's more your style.

Nick starts the week in Belgium by acting like a giant douche when the guys arrive at their hotel and he tells them all, and Chris Harrison, that he's "tired of these man chats" and says in a camera interview that he's the one who will end up with Andi and he can't imagine her choosing anyone else.

He gets a comeuppance when Marcus gets the first one on one date card and someone drops the F word.

On their date, Marcus and Andi walk around Brussels, sampling chocolates and mussels and seeing the city. Over lunch, he tells her that earlier when he thought about leaving, it was because he was scared of how he felt about her.

Marcus is in love with Andi and Andi thinks he's so romantic.

Over dinner, he explains that his father walked out when he was a child and his relationship with his mother was "dysfunctional." They've since worked out their issues, and Andi's excited about the possibility of meeting his family.

Once Marcus returns to the hotel, Nick takes his agitation to the lobby where he pretends to be Andi's husband so he can get her room number (in a segment that totally was not at all set up by producers. Probably.). Then he knocks on her door and the two go stroll around town making out against lamp posts.

Andi calls her relationship with Nick "passionate." 

The next day is her date with Josh. She says, at least 20 times, that she really, really needs Josh to open up about how he's feeling and share his emotions with her and be vulnerable with her. And she can't compare the relationships, but she really needs to know how he's feeling.

Hey, did you know that Andi Dorfman REALLY needs to know how Josh Murray is feeling?? LIKE. SHE REALLY NEEDS TO KNOW.

Josh says that it's tough because he does have feelings for her, but it's uncomfortable being vulnerable knowing she's dating so many other guys.

Fair point, Josh. But Andi really needs to know how you're feeling.

When the group date card comes to the hotel, Nick is quick to tell the other guys that he's just happy to know that there will never, ever be another group date.

At that same time, Josh is finally opening up to Andi and telling her that he's falling in love with her. Oh thank god. Maybe now she'll stop repeating herself. Or the producers will stop repeating her. 

On the group date, Andi makes the guys pedal her across the Belgian countryside on a rail bike before taking them to a monastery where there can be no kissing and flirting because, hello, MONASTERY. Where the men who live there are living celibate lives.

Then they see the date rose on the table and instantly get their game faces on. 

Farmer Chris from Iowa gets time with her first and she takes him to a pottery studio just outside the monastery walls. While reenacting Ghost they flirt and kiss. Dirt does look good on him.

The guys learn that the one who gets the rose will get a mini one on one with Andi while the other three will return to the hotel. Brian is thrown totally off his game while Nick just uses the opportunity to up his by freaking Brian out.

After Brian tells Andi that he's falling in love with her, Nick gets his turn with Andi and says that he knows she's falling in love with him and she's totally not bothered by that at all. Or if she is, she keeps her lawyer face on so no one can read her.

Or not.

She gives Nick the group date rose which means he's getting a hometown date next week.

At the hotel the guys begin talking about Nick and how he's definitely not there for all the right reasons and seems to be playing a big game. They can't determine what his goal is, but they don't think it's Andi.

They all predict that Nick will make it to the final two and leave her standing there.

He finally returns from his date and Brian, Marcus, and Chris lay into him about the way he acts and the things he says. At the end of the day, Nick says he's not there for anyone but Andi and can't really worry about what the other guys think of him.

Absolutely no one is believing him at this point, audience included.

During the cocktail party, Chris tells Andi how much he loves his hometown and how much he wants to share that town with her. Dylan and Brian each take time to talk to her, but Brian's time is cut short when Nick, who HAS a rose, interrupts them like a cocky jerk.

He swears it's just different with him and Andi, no matter what the other guys might feel for her. 

Just before the rose ceremony, Chris steals her one final time just to kiss her. SWOON!

Before handing out the night's three other roses, Andi says that the guys standing in front of her make her think that love is real. She's only giving roses to the guys with whom she definitely sees potential.

Those three guys are: Josh, Marcus, and Chris. And Nick, but I'm trying to pretend he doesn't exist.

Brian and Dylan are sad to be leaving, and Andi cries as she says goodbye. Ultimately, she just didn't see a potential future with them. 

Hometown dates are next week! We're one week closer to learning who'll win Andi Dorfman's heart!

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