The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 6 Recap: Unmasking Feelings

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Last night on The Bachelorette Season 10 Episode 6, Andi Dorfman took her eight remaining men to Italy for some romance and lie detector tests in Venice.

It's pretty much the ideal location on Earth to fall in love, and get overwhelmed by the mesmerizing scenery and/or drama of dudes fighting over a girl.

At least it's up there with East Connecticut.

Did Nick Viall redeem himself after last week? Is Josh Murray still the man to beat? What six guys moved on to the next round of this epic journey for love?

As always, feel free to go ahead and follow the link for The Bachelorette spoilers to find out all future episode results. Then read THG's official Episode 6 rundown:

Cody came in straight up hyped for the one-on-one date he'd yet to receive, so it's all the more crushing when it goes to the unpopular Nick instead.

Nick and Andi masquerade (see what we did there?) as Venetian tourists doing all those things. Like kiss beneath a bridge guaranteeing eternal love.

At dinner, Andi lays into Nick about being an (allegedly) arrogant jerk who deemed himself the “front-runner.” He handles it about as well as he could.

Is he there to make friends? No, but he still is trying to make friends. Because he's nice! At the same time he's not trying to soften his feelings for her.

According to Nick, he only said that because he feels their connection is that strong and he is totally falling for her. Aww. He gets the rose. #WINNING

Well, at least until he puts on a literal mask and remarks that he has been "masking his feelings for Andi” and is now “unmasking them.” The irony.

Meanwhile, Andi gets another note from he secret admirer. Which is probably not Nick, or else everyone else should just go home right now ... but who?

On the group date, the six guys are told they will take a lie-detector test. You want kids? Are you ready for marriage? Are you here for the right reasons?

On and on it goes ... until Andi decides to tear up their results, so now we will never know which of the men lied and for what reason. What a cop out!

She personally lied about believing all the men are there for the right reasons. It's The Bachelorette, so can you blame her for saying yes and meaning no?

Later, Chris confesses he is her secret admirer. They make out and he gets the Group Date Rose, which is well earned, as one of few actual men there.

Josh Murray, meanwhile, is straight up pissed about the lie detector test ... even after she tore up the results as a symbol of how much she trusts them.

Dude is pretty heated about this, but fortunately, Cody finally gets to go on a one-on-one date with Dorfman, thus guaranteeing a swift exit from the show.

It's not that he's a bad guy, or didn't open up, or isn't well-rounded, or that he didn't put his heart and soul into those scenes from Romeo and Juliet.

He was just trying to hard for something that just wasn't there. Never a good sign? When you gush about your date and she’s crying (not tears of joy).

She confesses that she just wants to be friends and off he goes.

At the cocktail party, Nick steals more time with Andi, despite already having a rose, while Josh also tries to make things right and she kisses at least two more guys.

Andi tells Chris Harrison she is starting to doubt the process, then returns for the rose ceremony and sends home JJ. Sigh of relief Josh. Breathe.

Eliminated: JJ O’Brien and Cody Sattler.

Still Coming Up Roses with Andi Dorfman After 6 Whole Weeks: Josh Murray, Brian Osborne, Dylan Petitt, Marcus Grodd, Chris Soules and Nick Viall.

As always, you can follow the link to watch The Bachelorette online at TV Fanatic. Then share your comments below on who you think will win it all.

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