The Bachelorette Recap: Tasos Hernandez Eliminated in Previously Unaired Rose Ceremony

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Tasos Hernandez's exit from The Bachelorette was cut last week so that the show could pay tribute to Eric Hill, who left prior to the rose ceremony.

This week, on what was mostly a truncated, one-hour clip show, the ABC reality series decided to air Tasos' goodbye and the ceremony that led to it.

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Andi Kisses

“It’s been obviously, a very interesting night," said Andi Dorfman of Eric Hill's exit and the emotional outburst that followed it at Mohegan Sun.

"To be completely honest, that’s done for me. That part of the night is over and done. I am not looking back, I am instead looking at y’all."

“I said when I came here, ‘This is working for me.’ I said that at the very beginning and despite everything that’s gone on, I still stand here and say that."

"This is emotional ... the feelings are raw, and they’re natural and at times crazy, but the feelings are there. And I know what I want, I do.”

Sadly for Tasos Hernandez, he was not what she wanted that night.

Andi explained that she didn't feel an immediate connection with him and on a show like this, that has to happen right away or there's no chance.

Tasos' response? "I owe some of the best days of my life to you!”

He proceeded to absolutely bawl in the limo as he recalled this amazing experience, crushed at being ousted but thrilled at having been a part of this.

Wow. And you thought The Bachelorette was scripted and fake.

“Somebody is going to be very lucky to have Tasos. He’s a great guy," said Andi. "But I didn’t want to lead Tasos on ... you cannot force connection.”

In his mind, he had found it, and that somebody wonderful.

"I was thrown back because when she told me I deserve somebody wonderful, it was her. There was nobody else I was thinking of at that moment," he wept.

"It was a small part of my life, but it’s been the best part.

To see who Andi winds up with (we're told) at the end of her journey, just follow the link for The Bachelorette spoilers page on The Hollywood Gossip.

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