Taylor Swift: Lonely in NYC, Desperate to Return to LA!

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Despite Karlie Kloss' claim that Taylor Swift has no time for guys, the singer reportedly has nothing but time on her hands these days and it's causing her to regret her move to New York City.

"Taylor feels isolated in New York," a source tells Star magazine. "She's having a hard time making friends and begging people to visit, even offering to fly them out!"

Taylor Swift having a hard time making friends?! We find that hard to believe. Having trouble keeping a boyfriend, sure, but Taylor has always seemed to have an ample supply of female BFFs at the ready.

Rumors that the Taylor-Selena Gomez friendship is over were silenced by video of the two stars dancing together, and Taylor has recently enjoyed well-documented (on Instagram) nights out with actress Sarah Hyland and and the very best of besties - model Karlie Kloss.

Of course, there was that ugly Miley Cyrus-Taylor Swift feud of last month, but that seemed to be just one of the many wild rumors that tend to circulate around both pop stars.

Whatever the cause, Taylor is reportedly desperate to flee the city and hit the coast in time for summer:

"Taylor cannot wait to split her time between Rhode Island and LA," says the insider. "She doesn't want any part of living in New York full-time. She really regrets moving there."

So just add NYC to Taylor's ever-growing list of breakups:


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