Taylor Swift Has No Time For Guys, Karlie Kloss Says ... Just ME!

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Taylor Swift's rotating gallery of famous best friends is almost as notorious as Taylor Swift's list of boyfriends, but Karlie Kloss seems to be a keeper.

The Victoria's Secret model recently talked about their friendship at the CFDA Awards in NYC, and dished on whether she's ever played matchmaker ...

Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss

"I've been traveling. She's been traveling. No time for boys!" Kloss joked.

Boyfriend or not, "She's true to who she is. She's such a special girl. I feel really lucky that we connected and our paths crossed. She's just a special girl."

Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift have documented their friendship over the past year via Instagram, and went on a fun California road trip in March.

More recently, they hit the Met Gala in NYC and held a private afterparty.

"She threw the best party ever!" Kloss said. "We were all playing pool in our ball gowns, and just eating pizza and hanging out ... just like you'd do at a teenage afterparty."

Sounds awesome ... unless you're Harry Styles and want her to put out.

"There's a million and a half things to do in New York," adds Kloss, 21.

"That's why I'm so happy to have her here. It's good to have a friend."

Swift recently bought an apartment in TriBeCa. For now, it appears most of her get-togethers there have been girls' nights. No boys allowed!

Sorry, fellas ...

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