Taylor Swift Continues to Hang With Hot Models

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Taylor Swift lives an enviable life. Not only is she a famous, talented millionaire, Taylor looks hot even when she's walking to the gym.

But apparently not content just to make women jealous, Taylor has begun constantly hanging with an international army of gorgeous models in an effort to try and make men want to trade lives with her as well.

Taylor Swift and Models

The photo above was posted to Instagram by Australian beauty Stephanie Smith (on the left). Smith and Amanda Griffith (on the right) are just the newest recruits in Taylor's Leggy Hotness Force.

Of course, Taylor's BFF Karlie Kloss remains the leader of her posse, but the Swifty Crew grows every day and we're beginning to think Taylor moved to NYC simply because that's where runway models congregate, like its some sort of Mecca for the perfectly bone-structured.

Now that we think about it, her love of models might explain the rumor that Taylor is dating Orlando Bloom.

If there's any male actor who could've strutted his stuff on the catwalk in a previous life, it's Orlando. 

Seriously, though, despite all the criticism about her love life and grandmotherly ways, Taylor is living the life right now.

If you in any way doubt that she's positively killing it these days, check out the pics of Taylor hanging out with cancer patients in the gallery below. This girl wins life:

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