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Shia LaBeouf has been going for gold in every category of the Douche Olympics lately, and last night it seems the troubled actor may invented some new events.

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The big news of the night was LaBeouf’s arrest after smoking in public and harassing other audience members at a performance of Cabaret on Broadway.

Now it seems The Beef may have engaged in even more bafflingly douchey behavior prior to his brush with the law.

TMZ reports that LaBeouf chased a homeless man through the streets of Manhattan after the two of them came into conflict…over a hat.

Witnesses claim that Shia appeared "whacked out" and was apparently under the impression that the homeless guy’s baseball cap belonged to him.

The best part: LaBeouf was apparently shocked that the man didn’t recognize and kept repeating, "It’s me, Shia."


Fortunately, the unidentified man was able to keep his distance from LaBeouf and the bizarre conflict ended without incident.

In other LaDouche news:

New reports keep emerging about the unusual behavior that briefly landed Shia behind bars.

Witnesses at the Broadway performance say Shia stood up and began shouting at the actors on stage shortly after the play began.

When confronted by security, LaBeouf reportedly shouted, "Do you know who the f–k I am!? Do you know my life?!"

Shia, at this point, we think it’s safe to say no one knows your life.

Anyone remember that time Shia got his ass kicked in a bar fight that he started? Ah, memories:

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