O.J. Simpson: I Was Exonerated in the Eyes of My Lord!

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With the 20th anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman‘s murder upon us this week, alleged killer O.J. Simpson is back in the public eye.

Fortunately, he's locked up in a Nevada prison on kidnapping and robbery charges, because obviously that was a thing he also did a few years ago.

He's all over the news in any case, with his victim's family still confident he's a killer and asserting that Robert Kardashian hid evidence for him.

As for his side of the story (besides If I Did It)? Simpson's manager Norman Pardo has put together a documentary titled O.J.: In His Own Words.

“I built an O.J. special for the 20th anniversary, which was professionally put together using my footage,” Pardo says, "so people can see who O.J. really is.”

Featuring interviews, archival footage and 911 transcripts, Pardo says the film contains “interesting footage that no one’s ever seen before." Such as?

“If I saw a girl with Nicole, I would be all over her,” O.J. laughs. "I loved the way the mother of my kids, my wife, and my girlfriend of 17 years looked.”

But, the disgraced Heisman Trophy winner admits in the video, “I was unfaithful to both of my wives, and it’s what I’ve regretted most in my life.”

Oh, and as for the two people he probably killed after that infidelity?

“I was exonerated in the eyes of my Lord. It took me a while."

"When my trial was over, I was angry. I was trying to get even with a lot of people that said a lot of untrue things. The media, I always say, convicted me, not the jury.”

The media didn't order him to pay $33 million as part of a wrongful death lawsuit, but that's neither here nor there. Still, he insists the press had it in for him.

Case in point, from his position? The Bronco chase.

"They never brought up the Bronco in a court of law [because] they knew where I was! We were going to my house. We went to try to go to Nicole’s grave."

"We couldn’t get there because the cops are there.”

Simpson says a friend “called the police, told them where I was, where I was going ... the law is, flight can be construed as guilt. They knew I wasn't fleeing."

"If you tried to get away, they can bring it up in court and the judge can instruct the jury that’s a sign of guilt. They never brought it up in any of my trials."

As for the famous 911 calls Nicole made before her murder, which painted a picture of domestic violence in the Simpson home, he says he was in the right.

“I don’t want these drug people and these hookers hanging around my kids, and I became the bad guy yelling on the tape,” he says in hte clip.

"America made me the dog of all dogs, the poster boy for abuse, because I’m pissed off that drug people and hookers are hanging around my kids."

"[What man] wouldn’t have been as upset as I was?”

Through it all, he's still playing the race card, too.

“I’m sure there are whites in America who are angry,” he rants. "When I was found not guilty they were pissed at all blacks. I’m sure there’s people who don’t like me."

"I could care less. That’s their problem.”

Enjoy prison.

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