Mekayla Diehl, Miss Indiana 2014, Applauded for “Normal” Bikini Body

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Mekayla Diehl did not win the title of Miss USA 2014.

That honor, instead, went to Nia Sanchez of Nevada.

But many consider Diehl to have been the true winner of this annual competition after the reigning Miss Indiana showed off what many consider to be a "normal" bikini body:

As a result, fans were upset she didn't advance further.

"The fact that Miss Indiana is not a complete twig makes me really happy!" Tweeted viewer Kadee McKoin, while @StephsDangerout added that she was “upset” because the 25-year old didn’t make it beyond the semifinals.

"Miss Indiana looked like a normal person... and she didn't make the cut," wrote that user.

Many others in the Twitterverse also commented on her body, giving her props for not looking like a "twig" and possessing the figure of a relatively "average woman."

And the Winner is?

Mekayla Diehl or Nia Sanchez? Whose bikini body was more banging at the Miss USA 2014 competition? View Poll »

What do you think? Should Diehl have gone farther? Should she have won it all?

Does all the praise of Diehl mean that winner Sanchez, conversely, is too skinny?

And whose body do you prefer, that of Diehl or that of Sanchez (below)? Discuss!

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