Marquel Martin: The Next Bachelor?

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As Andi Dorfman continues to pursue love on The Bachelorette season 10 and her new career as a full time Bachelorette alum, the rest of the world is looking to the future.

And no, we're not talking about who'll win Andi's heart,as The Bachelorette spoilers have already given that away. We're talking about who will become the next Bachelor.

From what we've seen so far this season? Marquel Martin is our pick.

Not only would Martin help with ABC's rampant and, frankly, obnoxious, lack of diversity, he's an all around good guy. Plus he cried after being eliminated last night.

Because y'all, Marquel just wants to find love, okay!?!

He's PERFECT for the job, for all the right reasons.

In the combined 28 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, not a single person of color has been the central figure, nor have any of the winners.

In 2014, it's rather unconscionable of ABC not to put a person of color at the helm. It ignores an entire segment of the population and only makes the series more of a joke. 

Ratings in recent seasons have plummeted, much like every love-seeker does over the side of a building or off a bridge on a "romantic" one on one date.

While some of that is due to Juan Pablo Galavis' unexpected transformation into a giant douchebag, part of it is also because people can't relate. 

Unlike Juan Pablo, ABC's first attempt at being diverse without being too diverse, an attempt which backfired horribly as JP became the worst Bachelor ever, Marquel seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Contrary to the old adage, nice guys don't always finish last. Or they shouldn't.

While he hasn't had nearly as much screen time as some of the other ousted contestants, viewers of Desiree Hartsock's season will remember that JP didn't have much either.

He was basically there to speak a few lines with his accent, look hot without his shirt off, and make ladies swoon as he talked about his daughter.

Other than that, he was pretty aloof and above the drama, which is why he seemed like such a good choice. Marquel Martin has risen above the drama, too.

Handling his issues with fellow contestant Andrew Poole, who may or may not have made racist remarks about Andi keeping Marquel and Ron beyond the first rose ceremony, with dignity and assertiveness was a sight to behold, honestly, and one that only further solidifies him as a great choice as The Bachelor.

But before he showed grace under pressure, he proved why he'd make a great pick for Andi Dorfman.

During his first Bachelorette mixer, Marquel showed Andi and the world his fabulous personality with a cookie tasting, instantly winning our hearts even if he didn't win Andi's. From that point on, we've had nothing but love for the sports salesman from Las Vegas.

He was continually a good sport during group dates, never sulking or being a crybaby about not getting a one-on-one. He made the most of his time with Andi, making her laugh and flashing that beautiful smile.

Did we mention Marquel's hot, too? Because he's definitely that. In fact, he's the total package. 

What do you think, THGers: Should Marquel be the next Bachelor?

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