Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: The Women Get Upset a Lot

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta proved yet again in Season 3 Episode 6 that the recipe for reality TV drama is women getting upset at men, and each other.

Even more so the latter, especially if you involve Joseline. Talk about a loose cannon.

Some notable examples of this timeless formula for success, as observed on the most recent installment of a modern-day television classic, include:

Momma Dee

Scrappy‘s girlfriend Bambi learned that Scrappy’s "friend" Erica P knows about her miscarriage. As a result, she went absolutely ballistic on Erica.

Naturally, Momma Dee is here to try to diffuse the tension, but that's a fool's errand. All hell breaks loose and security kicks Erica out of a restaurant.

Bambi then blames Momma Dee, who proclaims "Nobody is going to run this palace but me!" What that means, and to whom she said it? Unclear.

What is clear is that Lil Scrappy probably should have kept the miscarriage tidbit to himself. Women generally don't like when you tell your side piece.

On a similar back-talking note, Tammy rankles Joseline after she told Rasheeda about Joseline’s photo shoot and Mimi overheard this conversation.

Joseline doesn’t necessarily want Mimi knowing what she’s doing, and gets upset.

Given her defensive, insecure nature, it's hard for Joseline to be friends with a lot of people, and very easy for her to be upset at being slighted.

There was also some major league shade throwing going on among non-friends.

Joseline told Tammy how she is married and can give advice to Tammy on how to wed Waka Flocka quicker to switch out her tattoo for a ring.

Tammy found this to be condescending. Joseline believes she is in the right.

Believing the other women don't like her because they "can’t take my personality," Joseline doesn't grasp that said personality may be the issue.

More things to look forward to when you watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online:

  • Joseline and Stevie J really seem like they are faking their marriage.
  • Mimi Faust still insists that the Mimi Faust sex tape was "leaked."
  • Kirk and Rasheeda are still separated, at least for now.
  • Waka Flocka Flame hilariously requires subtitles.

Quote of the night:

Stevie J, when confronted about his sham marriage ... “I’m sovereign. I don’t need anything from these ladies. I’m my own government. I make my own laws.”


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