Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss: Fighting Over Model's Ex-Husband?!

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Lindsay Lohan has been doing most of her partying overseas for over two months now.

But while British paparazzi might be thrilled to have a drunk Lohan stumbling around London, some (or most) city residents are less than thrilled to have the "actress" and professional trainwreck vomiting on their sidewalks.

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Moss, Kate

Kate Moss for example was reportedly displeased from the moment that she heard Lindsay was planning to set up shop in the UK.

The reason? Linds has had past dalliances with Kate's ex-husband, Jamie Hince, and since both women are notorious for their love of drugs partying, Moss knew it was only a matter of time before they encountered one another.

Well, according to witnesses, Kate and Lindsay finally crossed paths over the weekend, and things immediately turned ugly:

"Lindsay and Kate had a huge row at the Chiltern Firehouse," one witness tells The Daily Mail. "People all around them noticed it was going on."

"The argument went on for a while and Kate seemed extremely annoyed with Lindsay for contacting Jamie. She was ranting about it to fellow diners at the restaurant."

Hince's name didn't appear on the now-infamous Lohan sex list, but there's no word on if that's because Lindsay never banged Kate's ex or if she just didn't consider the Kills' lead singer to be a big enough celeb to earn a spot on her list.

Yes, Lindsay Lohan has had sex with so many famous dudes she may have had to make cuts in order to fit them all on one sheet of paper:

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