Kylie Jenner and Miles Richie: Dating?

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According to eye-witnesses, Kylie Jenner made out with Jaden Smith during Kim Kardashian's wedding, officially cementing their relationship more than "just friends."

While the rumor spread like wildfire, however, Kylie denied making out with Jaden and insisted that she was single. Turns out she may have been keeping herself on the market for a different longtime family acquaintance.

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Kylie and Miles Richie have been hanging out for years and it seems they've recently taken their relationship to a new level. The Daily Mail reports that Kylie and Miles were spotted "getting close" as he dropped her off for a hair appointment on Friday.

You may remember Miles from when Kylie tattooed her initials on him last month. Compared with that level of intimacy, a public make-out session seems pretty tame.

Miles is the son of singer Lionel Richie and the brother of Nicole Richie.

Of course, given their age difference there could be some controversy if it turns out 19-year-old Miles and 16-year-old Kylie are in fact dating.

Perhaps that's why Kylie and Miles reportedly put on the brakes when they realized their recent hook up session was being watched.

In any event, dating a college-aged guy while she's still in high school would be far from the most age-inappropriate thing that Kylie has done in recent months:

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