Kris Jenner Reacts to Kylie Jenner's Blue Hair: You Look Like a Skittle!

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Kylie Jenner dyed her hair blue just weeks before Kim Kardashian's wedding and her mom was understandably not pleased.

Kris Jenner wasn't pissed because she was worried about what Great Aunt Ida might think. No, she was thinking about the many TV cameras that would be on hand, as every second of a Kardashian's life is a carefully choreographed media event. 

Well, according to a recent interview, Kris may just have to suck it up and get used to Kylie's ever-changing mane:

"I think I have an addiction to changing my hair," Kylie said on yesterday's Live With Kelly and Michael. "I'll be like teal one week, blue the next, blonde the other week."

We guess that's better than Kylie's inappropriate selfie addiction.

So how did the rest of the family react to Kylie's Smurf-colored locks? Well, about as dramatically as you'd expect:

"They all told me they didn't want me to do it before I did it," Kylie tells Kelly Ripa. "When I did it, my mom was like, 'You look like a Skittle!'"

Never one to pass up an opportunity for some drama of her own, Kylie vowed to make her mom regret that comment: "I was like, 'Now I'm going to have this hair for two years since you said that.'"

That's a fair threat. Kylie's only 16. In most states, blue hair isn't a felony until you're 18.

Check out Kylie doing what she does best (taking selfies on Instagram) in the gallery below:

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