Kid Writes Home From Camp, Regales Mom With Tales of Epic Experiences, Dumps

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Summer camp. It's a rite of passage for America's youth.

For parents sending their kids away for this timeless tradition, sometimes it's the first time they've been on their own for more than a day or two.

We miss the kiddos. We worry. We yearn for their return.

But we also know how vital this sort of thing is to growing up, building life experience, and forging an independent path that they will carry into adulthood.

Or at least do stuff like this awesome kid told his mom:

Kid Note From Camp, Part 1
Kid Note From Camp, Part 2
Kid Note From Camp, Part 3

Slightly different from what the eight-year-old's mother imagined, but as fantastic as it gets with the level of detail and the brutal honesty surrounding:

  • The kid named Zack who burps the alphabit
  • The 37 push pop rekerd he's coming after
  • The oatmeal sucking, even with raisins
  • The horse taking three mammoth Ds

Hard for us to imagine a better time, to be honest:

More classic notes from little kids after the jump:

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