Kid Breaks Up With Girlfriend on Their One-Month Anniversary, Despite Emotional Turmoil

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As the old adage goes, breaking up is hard to do.

Sometimes you have to do it, though, even if it happens to be on your one-month anniversary and even if it's really, really hard to summon the courage.

If you need inspiration, people, here it is ...

Kid Breakup Note: It's Hard!

We know this was emotionally taxing, DeLandren. A month of dating when you're in grade school is like a year in adult time. But way to stay the course, man.

If it wasn't working with Krystal, it's not fair to either one of you to continue leading her on. Sometimes the shortest route is the best, even when it's tough.

No hard feelings, though. Happy anniversary BTW!

Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do, whether it's ending a romantic relationship or breaking up with a babysitter, and always it's better to be honest.

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