Keeping Up With the Kardashians Ratings Plummet! Kould Kim and Krew Get Kancelled?!

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The second half of Keeping Up the Kardashians season 9 (!) premiered on E! just earlier this month with network execs expecting record ratings.

After all, news of the Kimye wedding was everywhere in the weeks leading up to the premiere and it seemed almost certain that the incredible amount of free publicity would result in KUWTK's largest audience ever.

Instead, it seems that Kim and kompany are suffering from a klassic kase of overexposure. 

The long-running series' June 8 episode pulled in a scant 1.1 million viewers. To put things in perspective, that same night Game of Thrones received 18.4 million viewers

Granted, it's not fair to expect KUWTK to compete with GoT, but these days the Kardashians aren't even keeping up with themselves, as ratings for the last two episodes represent the show's all time low.

The peak was way back in 2009 when 4.1 million tuned in to see Kim marry Kris Humphries.

Since then, aside from occasional bumps from "event episodes" such as when Kim found out the sex of her baby, the show has been in steady decline.

Kim has already announced that everyone is on board for a tenth season, meaning if E! opts not to renew the series, it could be a bigger humiliation for the family than Kylie's Instagram page.

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