Kaley Cuoco Adopts Puppy, Gushes on Instagram: We're SO IN LOVE!

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She recently hinted at having kids soon, but it appears that Internet celebrity and Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is adding to her existing "family" for now.

Already the owner of three pit bull mixes, several horses, and an inherited pet peacock, Kaley adopted a new puppy! Here's a look at her with Ruby!

Kaley Cuoco, New Puppy

Cuoco fell hard for her blond furry on Monday while volunteering with Operation Blankets of Love, a non-profit that supports local shelters, in Granada Hills, Calif.

While Kaley's pregnancy plans are now public knowledge, this was a spontaneous pickup, as many who have volunteered at a shelter can relate to. She writes:

"I couldn't get her off my mind. So I went back and got her. Welcome to the family Miss Ruby! Thank you West Valley Animal Shelter for keeping her safe."

Cuoco, who recently went makeup free to save the seals (she loves them too) also shared a shot of husband Ryan Sweeting with Ruby. Aww.

"We are so in [love] with our new rescue," she gushed, not even two days after Cuoco defended pit bulls everywhere from a scathing online editorial.

Clearly someone (whose Instagram handle is @NormanCook, after one of her dogs, not Fatboy Slim) has a soft spot for animals. To say the least.

We'd say it's prepping her for parenthood, which may not be too far off after marrying Sweeting on New Year's Eve, but she really just loves 'em.

"I think if you can take care of a plant, then you can take care of a dog, and then you can have a baby. It's all in the order," she told E! News on Monday.

She didn't put an exact timetable on having a baby, but it shouldn't be long.

"I can't wait to have kids surrounded by all the dogs at our house too and the horses, and raise them with animals and [show them] how to treat them correctly."

You go, girl. And keep the photos coming. Of the pets and also just ...

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