John Mayer on Katy Perry, Taylor Swift: I Have Super-Strength for Gang-Ups!

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John Mayer has been the subject of more hit diss tracks than every living rapper combined, so it's no wonder the legendary ladies man has adopted a nonchalant attitude about being roasted in song form.

"I have super-strength for gang-ups. I'm fine," Mayer told some TMZ cameras who caught him third-wheeling it on his friends' date night.

Asked about Katy Perry's plans to burn Mayer in an upcoming single, John hilariously replied, "I hope everyone's song goes to number one. I stopped writing hits 

Perry is reportedly still devastated over her breakup with Mayer, so a scathing ballad or club-banger directed at the acoustic hitmaker wouldn't be unexpected.

After all, attacking Mayer is a proven formula for a hit:

Taylor Swift's "Dear John" has been widely interpreted as a shot at Mayer and his famous D-bag tendencies. Taylor, of course, has made a career of bashing her exes, but Mayer seems to be her favorite target.

Frankly, we think John should follow suit and start recording songs about his countless celebrity conquests. It would be the most gossip-heavy triple album ever released. 

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