Jaime King: Breastfeeding on Instagram, Pushing for End to Mommy Wars

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Jaime King is hoping her boobs canachieve a ceasefire in the Mommy Wars.

The Hart of Dixie star took to Instagram yesterday and posted an intimate photo of herself nursing eight-month old son James.

Like the image of Natalia Vodianova breastfeeding online, is King making a statement about how society ought to quit shunning those who make this act public when need be?

Yes. But that's not all the actress is trying to accomplish.

Jaime King Breastfeeding Pic

"#JamesKnight is now 8 months old! These are the moments a mother lives for," King wrote as a caption, addressing parents around the world and adding:

"Breastfeeding should not be taboo - and bottle feeding should not be judged - it’s ALL fun for the whole family:)"

King and husband Kyle Newman are first-time parents.

Earlier this year, Gwyneth Paltrow also tried to end the Mommy Wars, but she was far less well spoken (and naked) about it.

Here's a look at other stars who have flaunted their breastfeeding on the Internet:

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