Jai Brooks to Ariana Grande: Happy Birthday to the Most Beautiful Girl in the WORLD!!!

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Ariana Grande turned 21 yesterday, and her adoring boyfriend Jai Brooks is making sure the world knows how special she is - and that he landed her!

Jai Tweeted: "happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world, you are 21!!! you're my world I really love you. here's to so many more memories!!"

Jai Brooks, Ariana Grande

Talk about cute and heartfelt. And public! The adorable duo has seemed happier than ever after getting back together last month. This proves it.

“Ariana and Jai are great,” a source said of Grande and Jai Brooks, 19.

"They spend as much time together as possible and are really happy.”

Even though Ariana can legally drink, we don't she and Jai won’t be partying too hard, considering he's underage still, and they are very low key overall.

“Ariana doesn’t go in public that much," Grande's pal says, adding that instead of going out, "She usually just hangs out at home with friends."

"They watch movies, Jai draws and they listen to music. Pretty basic.”

You know, they should give Taylor Swift a call, because that sounds like her ideal night. She is probably so jealous right now, come to think of it.

Happy birthday, Ariana! Check out some of her best pics below ...

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