Heidi Montag: Celebrity Wife Swap Let Me Be Authentic, Want Kids (Seriously)!

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Appearing on Celebrity Wife Swap allowed Heidi Montag to show the world her true self for the first time, the former Hills star says in a new interview.

"My mom saw the preview and she told me, ‘I can tell this is the first opportunity that you’ve ever had to be you,'" says Heidi of her return to TV Tuesday.

"It’s just great to have that moment," the wife of Spencer Pratt adds. "It was really fun to just be authentic and be in a situation and see what happens."

Heidi swapped spouses with Olympic swimming star Amanda Beard, who lives in a rural area of Washington state with her two kids, ages 4 and 9 months.

“I mean, I had no idea where I was going,” explained Heidi Montag of her initial reaction driving through the rugged woods southwest of Seattle.

“I thought that it was that guy who lived in a tree and builds the tree houses! The last person I ever thought I was ever going to swap with was Amanda Beard."

Unfortunately for Spencer, Heidi says she  immediately fell in love with the Beards’ young children, Blaise Ray, 4 1/2, and Doone Isla, 9 months.

“I think when Doone fell asleep on me the first night, I mean, it just really solidified my longing for motherhood ... it was everything I thought it would be."

"It was really fun to be able to have kids there and have that experience of having little ones. It’s something that I very much look forward to in my future.”

Heidi wants to have “two or three” children, but Lauren Conrad's former nemesis is not exactly on the same page as his wife when it comes to having kids.

“This is probably the most divided we’ve ever been,” Heidi says. “I feel like it’s time. I’m ready and it’s exciting, but for (Spencer), I think it’s scary and unknown.”

During the wife swap, Amanda actually teaches Spencer a little bit about the rigors of parenthood, only confirming that he wants to wait at least “10 years."

“No, absolutely not,” Heidi laughed when told about that. “I definitely don’t want to wait 10 years. I’m negotiating, like, one year. I hope within the next 2-3."

One challenge Heidi and Spencer faced together is getting their lavish spending under control. The duo reportedly blew through more than $10 million.

“I regret spending a lot of money, for sure,” admitted Heidi. “I wish I had been more responsible. So now, no matter what success comes in the future, I’m very on top of it."

She notes that "we’re on a really good path, overall, in life. We’re just the happiest with every area of our lives and definitely ... no more surgery for me!"

Thank goodness.

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