Frozen Lookalikes Bring Elsa and Anna to Life: Watch the Video!

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You've already met Anna Faith, right? The blonde young woman who looks eerily like Elsa from Frozen?

Now it’s time to be introduced to Kristina Horner and Eia Waltzer, two friends who closely resemble the main characters from Frozen and who are wandering around in the following original video to prove it.

"Costumes entirely home-made, mountain 100% authentic,” Kristina wrote in the video’s description. “And cold."

And impressive! Watch now as these lookalikes make like Elsa and Anna and, toward the end of the footage, sign autographs in character for adoring little fans:

For those unaware, here's a look at Faith, a teenager from Florida who may be the most grateful person alive (outside of Disney executives) that Frozen has risen to such popular levels:

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